About the plant

The construction of the plant is carried out as a part of construction of a regional industrial park in the city of Nevinnomyssk in Stavropol krai.
Project's branch - metallurgy industry.
The project is developed according to the latest technologies in the field of steel making, machinery and industrial equipment.
Currently, a workshop is in operation at the plant for production of rolled steel of building assortment (debars) with a capacity of 350 000 t/year, with the aim to ensure the needs of the construction industry for the construction of civil, individual and industrial buildings and objects, primarily in the regions of North Caucasus Federal District and South Federal District of Russia.
In the near future commissioning of the second stage of construction of the plant is planned - shop for production of square steel billet with a capacity of 500 000 t/year.
The project is of great regional significance, as it involves the creation of a new enterprise in the North Caucasus Federal District, which will create new jobs (over 900 people), increase tax revenues to the federal, regional and local budgets.